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joe alter
posted this on March 19, 2013, 05:48

this is a free upgrade (we're not going to start charging for upgrades until the bug fixes are less frequent
- bunch of little fixes
- added new checkbox "USE MUSCLE MEMORY" in psd. This is for making caching easy for deforms like muscle systems into the psd. So you store all those in there (you can even script it) with the muscle deformer on. Then you turn on the 'muscle memory' feature. This will unlink your deformers and run on the PSD cells. You can do further sculpting/animating on top of that. (similar to weta's tissue system) - see below for basic script.
- 'use joints' now appears in phonemes, performance groups, and blendshape+. You can perform/animate joint actions stored in the animation cells right along with the mesh changes. We've also added a 'blur' setting, and 'delay' setting for each track for smoothing or delaying recorded samples in playback.

here's a basic script for caching an animation into muscle memory

global proc testMuscles(int $start_time, int $end_time)

select -r LBrushND1; //if this node exists
int $poseidx  = 0;
for($i=$start_time; $i <= $end_time;$i= $i+4)
currentTime $i;
//execute particular lbrush command
if($poseidx > 5)  LBrushPose -newpose;
LBrushPose -load $poseidx;


// need to get the way to get the muscle node name from user, this is in case the node name is changed or renamed
string $muclenodename =  ;                                           

/* To switch off the mucle we need to first get the muscle node name from user
and then set the envelope of musclesystem to 0 OFF and make "use deformer value check box on" */

setAttr "$muclenodename.envelope" 0;
LBrushPose -use cached deforms true;




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I want to get a LBrush 6.5, it is very useful.

March 26, 2013, 08:10
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ricky jon

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